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Front End Loaders -  Cub Cadet Tractors

    Listed below are the Cub Cadet tractor models that Koyker makes front end loader mounts for. For other tractor manufacturers that Koyker manufactures mounts for click here Front End Loader Mounts. Listed with the tractor models below are the front end loader models that will fit your specific Cud Cadet tractor. Click below to get a price quote from us. All of the Koyker front end loaders come with a self storing parking stand to aid in the removal and installation of the loader. The parking stand will allow you to drive your Cub Cadet right back under the loader to re-install it back onto your tractor with ease. you can order the loader with a single joystick control or a two handled control valve. The model 155 front end loader can take bucket sizes from 48" to 72". The loader is also available with attachments like a hay bale spear and a set of pallet forks. You can even order your Koyker model 155 front end loader in Cub Cadet Yellow for a custom installation.

Click here to see the Koyker front end loader bucket options bucket options

Click here for Koyker front end loader specifications and lift capacities   Koyker loader specs.

Click here to get a price quote on a Koyker loader for your tractor.

Tractor Model                  Loader model

7232                                 155

7233                                 155

7234                                 155

7235                                 155

7260                                 155

7265                                 155

7272                                 155

7273                                 155

7274                                 155

7275                                 155

7300                                 155

7305                                 155

7360                                 155